Heya! Sammy here! Just uploading all the Night Tales Comics now that I understand how this site works! I hope everyone here continues to check out these comics and see a hoping improvement to the story and artwork. Thanks for sticking with me guys :D Now enjoy the story~!

Chapter 1: Elyse in Nightmare Town

The Beginning The Late RaccoonThe Hunter and the HuntedCarried AwayThe Unpoppable BubbleThe Cashire DogGo to Jail. Do not pass go.The King of QuartersThe League of GamesThe Great EscapeThe Magic DoorUnexpected VisitorThe End of Nightmare Town

Chapter 2: Jake and the Bamboo Stalk

A New WorldThe New FaceThe Magic BeansThe Bamboo StalkClimbing the StalkRaccoon's Grand PlanThe Giant of the SkyHit and RunThe Castle and the CatThe Failed EscapeElyse's PlanEscape from the GiantThe Fallen Giant and the True EnemyFarewell Elyse

Chapter 3: Castanio

Chapter 4: Summer Yellow and the 6 Gnomes