Emery is a Radio-Television-Film student at the University of Texas at Austin, but he mostly just likes to draw. In 2008, He began writing and illustrating a story called The Bound, which is about a group of individuals who suddenly find that they have super powers. This story follows their struggles as they attempt to be heroes in a rapidly changing world. Because Emery takes forever to update The Bound (due to a combination of laziness, writer’s block and actual work), he recently began a second comic to pass the time. This comic, titled the Weirdest City, is a semi-autobiographical comic detailing the lives of Emery and his roommates in a city as strange as Austin. tWC has since been picked up by The Daily Texan and runs every other day on the comic page.

Solomon Fong, Emery’s roommate and fellow RTF Student, and Sammy Martinez took quite the opposite approach. These two teamed up to create a comic solely for The Daily Texan. The end result was Smoothie Home, the story of a new restaurant (bearing uncanny resemblance to the local Tap House) run by boss and her good for nothing employees. However, the demand that Smoothie Home be chronicled somewhere quickly became too loud to ignore. In the end, it found a home here.