The central character in the Weirdest City (intentionally misspelled). Most of the strips focus on Emery’s life in Austin, a city with a reputation for bizarre happenings. Emery is an exaggerated version of myself, and as such his adventures are over-the-top imitations of my own. He exists to point out the potential story that can be found in even the most mundane aspects of everyday life.



A fellow RTF student and one of the creators of Smoothie Home, Solomon and Emery share a number of experiences and frustrations when it comes to “showbiz” or the need to answer to someone else when you just want to do something that entertains people. Occasionally grumpy or short fused, Solomon tends to become an unintentional victim of his roommates’ undoubtedly catastrophic antics.



Cesar is not human. Nor is he a robot, despite having the occasional mechanical limb. What exactly he is has yet to be revealed (possibly even to himself). Just when you think you have him figured out, he does something that throws all previous theories out the window. One thing is for certain, though. He is a madly brilliant individual.




Jonatron is the machine, quite literally, that keeps this bunch from spiraling into chaos. Easily the most responsible of the group, it has been scientifically proven that without him the remaining three roommates would be destroyed (probably at each others’ hands) within a day. This doesn’t stop him from occasionally playing disaster’s game, though. Sort of an inventor by nature, Jonatron is prone to creating practical yet science-defying stuff, even going so far as to convert himself into a robot. Plus, he has a wicked cool robot eye.

Smoothie Home banner

The Boss is a woman with a dream, and that dream is to own her own restaurant. Smoothie Home follows her attempts make this dream a reality by building a drink shop from the ground up. That is, provided her employees don’t destroy it with their shenanigans. Then again, the Boss is so short-tempered and violent, she may just take them out first.

No one is really sure how or why The Cute Girl even works at Smoothie Home. Or how she can continue to do so despite frequently instigating trouble. Or her constant giving away of food. But she works there anyway, How does she do it? Maybe it’s because she’s just so adorable.

The Lazy Guy is good at precisely nothing. He’s about about as useless as they come, but he sure can draw in a crowd of ladies. Even his coworkers seem to find him irresistible. If he wanted, he could probably get paid to stand there and look pretty.