Imagine this scenario for a moment. It’s really an endless nightmare.

There’s a study that shows that when people suddenly come upon large sums of money unexpectedly, they will just spend the everloving crap out of it until they have nothing left because they are under the impression that “There will still be more after I buy this.” They just nickel and dime everything away and tend to be surprised when suddenly they can’t pay the bills. Happens all the time, and I figured Emery would probably be guilty of this as well. How exactly I came up with this idea for possibly the most trivial thing he could waste his money on I don’t exactly remember, but I think it was one time when I was stumbling around in a huge bathroom looking for a light switch or something, wondering why it was placed on the farthest wall imaginable.

Yeah, it’s better that Jonatron is in charge of the money. That’s always been the natural order of things, and it served them pretty well in the past.