Ah yes. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Solomon and Cesar checked the apartment up stairs only to find that whoever lived there was not home. They could, however, hear the tell-tale sounds of flowing water coming from the other side of the door, so it was clear this was the source of the flooding.

Eventually Solomon and I switched places for a while, so he and Jonathan combated the water while Cesar and Subhash and I looked for some solution. After asking pretty much everyone in the apartment complex if they happened to know the girls that lived there or could somehow get in touch with them, we were informed that….well…everyone knew who they were, but nobody liked them. And vice versa. Apparently these two girls weren’t great at making friends.Which also meant no one could help us get a hold of them. Great.

Meanwhile, we called Maintenance, the people we rented the apartment from, even 911. Either the weren’t available at that hour or it just wasn’t a big enough emergency. Clearly we were on our own. Then we got the bright idea to ask the Fire Department, which we lived a couple of blocks away from. We had already been told the nature of our emergency was beneath 911’s notice so we thought it was a long shot, but Subhash, Solomon, and Cesar went down there anyway.

Roughly 5o minutes passed while Jonathan and I battled the flooding, and with water starting to come in from different rooms faster than we could fight it, things were looking pretty grim for our little apartment. Then, Suddenly, Cesar came in to inform us that the cavalry had arrived. The fire-fighters agreed to help, and were currently upstairs fighting the problem. According to Slomon, because the doors were looked and there was no easy way to go about it, they just busted their way in through a window. As they shined their light into the soaking apartment, all that could be seen was the steam of the piping hot water filling the entire place.

How did it all happen? The thrilling (ridiculous) conclusion when we return.