This is the story of how we all drowned.

Not really. It is a true story though, albeit slightly exaggerated. One night, we noticed an unusual dripping sound coming from what we presumed to be the ceiling. After looking high and low for the source, we figured it was nothing to worry about and went about our business. About twenty minutes later Jonathan noticed something like a larger water mark on the ceiling, but none of were sure if it had always been that bad. We assumed it had always been there.

After another twenty minutes or so, Cesar and Solomon discovered that our kitchen was under about 3 inches of water, and it was rising fast. At first we assumed a pipe had broken in the sink, so we checked it out. After some hasty inspection it turned out that the water was actually seeping in from the walls and coming down through the ceiling. Unsure of what to do and with water beginning to come in from different rooms faster than we could fight it, Solomon and Cesar went to find out what was going on upstairs while Jonathan and I stayed behind to push water out the door.

What I remember most clearly is that the water was still rising despite the fact that it was flowing out the open door. Over the course of two hours or so, the flow never let up. I think, if left unchecked, the kitchen would have been under nearly a foot of water, not to mention the rest of the apartment. It was also this murky brown color, which at first we feared might be sewage. What with the lack of a tell-tale aroma however, we figured it was just junk from inside the walls.

It took a good three hours for the situation to get resolved. How did it all turn out? Well, stay tuned.