There’s a bigger version for you all!

This is the day that I personally worked on, but I’m sure you’ve noticed if you read it. This is The Infinite Chase, and it was masterminded by Jon of 6 dollars, please. I did all the sheriff drawings, Gabe of Adventures in Emergency Medicine created the bandit up there, and Ryohei drew all the other characters, including the steam-powered Jonatron behind the stairs and Sammy’s raccoon getting blasted by the sheriff on the left. Also, every thank you in the world ever goes to Brianne Klitgaard for the awesomest background you see there.

You should note that this version is the sort of digitally remastered version or some such thing. The managing editor sort of cut us off before we were done, in what might go down in my memory as the king of all dick moves. As a result, this page printed without the footprints, missing a few stray bullets, and with much shittier arrows. It is not quite up to par with what we had in mind as there are still a few characters missing and some of the proportions are weird since we got rushed, but really this version looks way better.

I’m quite proud of it. Be sure to go back and really look at everything there is to see when you read these, because the creators put in so many little details. You might miss something.

– Cheezfergur

P.S.: If you are interested, here are a few of my sheriff poses and things that I drew.