Well, readers…there is sort of a long lost comic out there. I finished comic 36 at the Daily Texan office rather than my home computer, and there it remains. Hence the lack of tWC on Wednesday. I should email it to myself or something. My bad…

As for today’s comic, you might notice the color looks a little different. That is because it is in CMYK, since tomorrow’s comics page is printing in color. It my comic runs, it will be my first ever color comic ACTUALLY IN the Daily Texan. I hope it doesn’t look awful.

Now then, I hope this comic makes sense. I was just thinking about how all the cutesy little things couples do have the potential to end in disaster. Have you ever fallen asleep with your significant other in your arms only to find when you wake an hour later that your arm is not only completely numb to the point of feeling nonexistent, but it is also pinned under him or her? And the only options are to wake that person up or just bear it. This is kind of like that.

Sneezing is what usually happens when something tickles your nose. It’s just a fact. But don’t let me discourage you from loving somebody!

– Cheezfergur