This one is a 100% true story. A similar smoothie demon even burst forth from Solomon’s guts exactly like that. That’s what we get for making the theme of our second blended drink “Brown”. The first one, however, turned out to be very delicious. Even Subhash (on the far left), who was our guinea pig, approved it. Here is the recipe, in case you are interested. It is mostly guesswork, but I figure if you play around with these ingredients you’ll get something quite similar to us.

1/4 Red Delicious Apple
1 pint orange & vanilla sherbert
10 oz. 7UP
Approx. 5 oz. of Sparkling
Pomegranate Fizzle
1 8 oz. can of pineapple slices
a handful of red seedless grapes

Try it at home, kids! (At your own risk.)