Here’s a bigger version of today’s comic for you, Internet.

…Aaaaand whatever seriousness I had going in the last post gets totally subverted with this comic. XD

I’m glad I finally did this comic, and I think it turned out nicely too. As I said before I have been wanting to introduce this character for really long time. I thought the idea of being saved by a Bro was plausible considering this a college campus and frats are abundant. From there it was only a matter of time before he evolved into a masked avenger. All that was left was choosing a “hero theme” that he could model himself after. I thought of him as standing apart from his bros in the frat but still fundamentally one of them, much like a lone wolf breaking away from the pack. Thus, BroWolf was born.

But who is this mysterious masked man? Does he have actual super powers or is he just some crazy shirtless dude in face paint that beats people up at night? I’m afraid we cannot know from this brief encounter.

I suspect this is not the last time we will see BroWolf, though.