This comic has been a long time coming. I’ve been sitting on this idea since roughly November now, and every time I’ve tried to do it in the past something has gone wrong or I felt I did not have time to do it justice. This was one of those times, but I figured it was now or never. It’s sadly pretty rushed, but I admit overall I am pleased with the end result. This is going to be a two-parter, and if everything goes according to plan then next week’s comic should be about twice the usual size.

As college students living on a college campus in a college town, the places we venture are relatively safe. It is easy to feel invincible because of the protective bubble of the surrounding businesses and residences geared toward us. I feel like 90% of the places you can go in this general area are okay to go into alone. I myself am guilty of walking down dark alleys in the middle of the night without a care in the world.

Let me tell you, I have, not surprisingly, met some questionable people there on occasion. Some were friendly and some, on rare occasions, I had to defend myself from. Getting mugged is a very real threat, but it seems like it never happens around here. It happened to Solomon a couple of months ago at the mall. In broad daylight. And that’s the thing, Internet. It can happen anywhere, anytime. One minute you’re walking to class, the next someone is pulling a knife on you.

The world is a pretty cool place most days, but sometimes…just sometimes…it will catch you off guard. Stay on your toes out there, readers.