But is she screaming because he got a tattoo, or because it is a tattoo of Magneto?

This is a true story. One morning, my mom was furious at me for no apparent reason. When asked about it, she told me that she dreamed that I had gotten a massive tattoo across my back. When I asked her of what, she replied: “That evil guy from X-Men. The one that changes the metal. With the helmet and the purple cape.”

She was, of course, referring to Magneto, Master of Magnetism. Needless to say, I thought this was hilarious. This is the sort of thing that gives my mom nightmares. And so, I share it with you Internet.

On an unrelated note, I drew this masquerade girl for Samantha’s flyers over at NYU.

She took a picture, and it looks pretty cool in action. Better than the digital version even.

Thought you might like to see that. Have a nice weekend!