I really should credit Jonathan with this one. He came up with this idea while he, Liz, and I were discussing Platypi. I just took it from start to finish.

Most people think of the platypus as this sort of hilarious fusion of ducks and beavers, but there is some snake in there too. It is somewhat uncommon knowledge that platypi are venomous. It is among the few mammals that produce venom. Well, the males are, anyway. The venomous barbs are actually found on the hindlimbs and not the “wrists” like in the comic, so that is an anatomical inaccuracy. Then again, so is the fact that it is a giant bipedal Platypus that speaks English, so I think we can let that slide. It should also be noted that platypus venom is not potent enough to kill a human, though it would hurt like hell for a really long time. That is, unless the platypus is a man-sized beast injecting you with a sneak attack.

So the next time you find yourself giggling at possibly the most ridiculous animal on the face of the earth, keep in mind that he can still totally fuck up your shit.

– Emery