Let’s face it, children are cruel.

Cereal commercials are perhaps the best evidence of this, as we see the kids in them depriving animals of food all the time. Why can’t the rabbit have some Trix? Why does he have to disguise himself as one of us just to get close to them. It’s cereal. Share, you little jerks.

Of course, it seems like the rabbit has a fairly unhealthy obsession with the breakfast cereal anyhow. Why doesn’t he just eat grass or whatever rabbits eat? Is his refusal to eat carrots a way of rebelling against rabbit society? Maybe what he should be seeking is some help. Like that Cookie Crisp dog who, if you remember, used to be a thief. He has since rehabilitated himself and given up his life of crime.

The kids are still jerks to him anyway, though. I guess he’s branded for life.