Is this strip unclear? I feel I took a bit of a risk by using images instead of dialogue.

I originally got this idea some time last week after discussing a Spanish short film with Samantha about a guy who makes a deal with Satan in order to get rich. Satan helps the dude rob a bank, and though the man conceals his identity, the devil appears as him on the security tapes so the cops catch him anyway. And that is all well and good. The greedy fool gets what he deserves.

But then it occurred to me that despite appearing as this guy on tape, the Devil was himself during the robbery. Imagine telling that story to the cops when they finally arrived.

“Did you get a good look at the guy?”

“Yeah, he uh..was the Devil.”

“The Devil, sir?”

“Satan, man. The fucking Accuser of Our Brethren just robbed the bank!”

Well, that’s a quick way to earn yourself some raised eyebrows and a one way ticket to the funny farm.

In other news, I have drawn some birthday images for some folks of late, and I thought you might like to see them:

The first one was for Samantha, who I sadly could not be with on her birthday this year. I really like the way it turned out. =)

The second one I sent to Jonathan of 6 Dollars Please on his birthday. He is a pretty cool dude. I spent about an hour just kind of hanging out talking to him today, and he mentioned that he would like his readers to let him know what their favorite 6 Dollars, Please strips are in preparation for their Staple event. That’s right! If you haven’t heard yet, they are going to be at Staple next week (I think it’s next week). You should definitely head over to their comic blog right now and help them out by choosing a favorite strip.

See you Monday!