Ah, what to say about this comic? Some things just aren’t meant to be, dear Internet. Because when they are there is death. Horrible, blistering, slow-roasting death.

This is the first comic I get paid for. Huzzah. I am on what is affectionately known as “Team Eisner” around the Daily Texan Comics office, which means that my comics will run Tuesday and Thursday this week, then Monday-Wednesday-Friday next week. You know how it goes. An interesting bit of news that CC told me about just before I got hired again is that the DT website might give us some free webspace. All of us comic artists. Now, most of have blogs already and it would probably only last the semester (I assume), but still. Pretty cool, right? Then you’d be able to easily access all the other comics that run in the newspaper. Naturally I would keep updating Scribble Demon too.

Another interesting tidbit: Although Smoothie Home has ended, and I know there is at least one person out there who was sad to see it go, Sammy (no Solomon this time around) has started on a brand new story called Night Tales. Basically, it is his own interpretation of classic fairy tales, and he has expressed some interest in posting them here on the Demon. I am, of course, totally okay with that. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Last but not least, Today is Ryohei Yatsu‘s birthday. He does Elysium and is a pretty cool dude. You should all go check out his comic and you know, wish him a happy birthday. I know I will.

See you Thursday. =)