First update in a while. Fear not though, dear Internet! I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve just been moving in to my new (first!) apartment. It’s been a tedious process and we don’t have our interwebs set up. Before I moved in though, I went to visit Samantha and her family. This is a chronicling of one of the adventures we had.

It turns out Samantha’s dad went to high school with the man who owns the most expensive longhorns in the U.S. And yes, he really was that shirtless and hairy when we met him. The longhorns are actually very impressive looking and not at all how I drew this one. I didn’t know that they really are burnt orange and white. I now understand the logic behind my school’s colors. The only thing that was kind of unappealing about these huge cows was the fact that they drool. A lot. And their drool kept managing to find Samantha’s mom no matter where she moved.

Anyhow, this comic doesn’t focus on the cows themselves. Instead, I chose to tell you about a rather awkward moment that happened right in the middle of conversation. The longhorn owner was telling me about his own time at UT and how he was forced to drop out. He said this in a very upbeat kind of way and I took it to mean that his grades must have sucked. I thought we were joking about it, so I laughed. Then in a sudden and very grave tone he informed me that it was because his dad died.

Needless to say, it was awkward.

Here he is, by the way.