Aaaaand we’re back for another semester! The Daily Texan is back in print, and so tWC returns with it! Assuming I get hired again this semester, and hopefully I will, the schedule will be more official in the next two weeks. I’ve got some comics done, but I don’t like to post before the Texan prints them so it will be a little sporadic until I know whether or not I’m hired and if so what the schedule will be.

So, the comic. Just a reminder to you other humans to be careful who you inadvertently (or intentionally) destroy through your actions today! We people are really good at that sort of thiing. =\  Today’s comic is  a little different! I almost went a whole comic without using my own characters! And I’ll probably do that more and more soon enough. I intend to make the Weirdest City live up to its name this semester, so expect a few more “What the fuck?” moments this time around.

It’s good to be back. =)