Today’s post is a day early since I’m not gonna be around on Monday. I’m catching a bus up to go visit Samantha one more time before we go back to our respective universities. I’m sure you guys understand when I say that I’m really not working on any comic stuff while I’m with her. I’ll be back Tuesday though, so Wednesday’s update should be on time!

Anyhow, the character you see up there looks a lot like Mando, but it is actually someone totally different. This is a guy I work with named Leo. As it turns out, we both share a particular fondness for The Lion King (blatant rip-off though it may be). On Friday, I could hear from Leo’s headphones that he was listening to I Just Can’t Wait To Be King over his headphones. We pretty much spent the next few hours tossing quotes and lyrics back and forth. I thought it would make a great comic.