I meant to tell you guys this sooner, but we’re rolling a little differently this week. Nevermind that the Thanksgiving Holiday would throw a wrench in the updates anyway, but I had three papers and a project outline all due this week, and I spent the weekend working on those.

DESPITE THAT, I still had time to particiipate in something REALLY COOL comics-wise. The Daily Texan (which I do comics for) is doing a Thanksgiving Who-Dun-It event, all of the good majority of the Daily Texan comic artists are involved. That means Sammy too, so Smoothie Home is also in it. There’s also John Thorn, Elysium, 6 Dollars, Please, Run Cupcake Run, Lou-zer (or Joysticks), Mipsters, Ice Breaker, Adventures in Emergency Medicine, and of course, Psycho Bevo. This is a MAJOR CROSSOVER. It is a three day event starting Monday and ending Wednesday, so I suggest that anyone who can pick up the paper these three days do so because it looks fantastic and it has been a lot of fun to do.

To give you just a taste of the awesome, have a look at this:


Yes, that is John Thorn standing next to Emery in the same panel. Cool, huh?

For those of you not in the Austin area, don’t worry. These super cool events tend to go up online at the 6 Dollars, Please blog once the paper has finished running it, so if that is the case then I will get you a link the moment that happens. If not, well hell, then I’ll just scan the newspaper for you.

Of course this all means that you’d probably have to wait until after Wednesday to read it, but I promise it will be worth the wait! Also, as you’ve probably figured out, the comic won’t be updating on a regular schedule this week. We resume next week, probably on a MWF schedule.

Also, on a side note, you may be wondering why Smoothie Home hasn’t updated in a while here on the site. Solomon and Sammy are working on an actual story arc right now, and Solomon plans to post it in its entirety when it is complete (which will be soon, I think) rather than page by page.

Sound good? =)