Smash it up.

In my household, this is the call that rings out whenever one of my friends wants to let us know that a battle of heroes is about to take place in the form of Super Smash Brothers. The two gentlemen featured alongside myself in this comic are Bobby and Mando. Bobby is the kind of person who becomes infused with unholy gaming skill via objects that don’t make sense. For example, he believes being 1st player makes him better. He has claimed the 1st Player control in pretty much every round of any game we’ve ever played EVER. Is this superstitious? Probably, but he’s really, really good. He has no problem telling you that he’ll beat you with or without it, even if his control is broken. Still, he never plays 2nd. Also, he’s got this terrible habit of staring at people impatiently when he wants them to do something instead of, you know, just saying what he wants.

I know the Wierdest City is supposed to be about living in Austin and “Keeping It Weird” and everything, but I don’t move into my apartment for another week, so these first few focus on my friends from home. You’ll see a lot more of the CA members once I get back.
Anyhow, this is the update for today! You can find them here on the blog until Alon returns from saving the world. Next one might go up early because I’ll be out of town. Take care, Internet!