Whoops! Sorry this is going up so late in the day everyone! Believe it or not, I totally forgot about the comic. I finished it yesterday, but I forgot I was supposed to you know, update. < <

Anyway, it has been sufficiently cold enough for me to wear much of my non-t-shirt clothing around here. The chilly weather has lasted several days, which is unusual for Austin at this time of year. Normally we’d have a cold front roll through for a day and then we’d witness the return of the sun. I, like the fool I am, would believe it’d be cold for a few days at least, and would be prompted to grab that jacket or sweater that I bought in the summer and couldn’t wear until now and then…disappointment. The sun would be out and it would be warm again.

So I’m enjoying the cold while I can. The first thing I did was grab one of my argyle sweaters. XD