I am as big a Pokemon fan as anyone. I loved it growing up. I think most of us did. It’s one of the few things really think defines our generation. Most people I talk to can at least name the first hundred fifty, because it was something we sort of universally enjoyed at that age.

I know I had intentions of catching every Pokemon well beyond the first games. I think I got to like, 146, when I was about 9 years old. And then a new game came out. A whole new set of Pokemon came with it. Okay, that was just a minor set back, right? More for me to catch.

Then another game came out. And another. Sometimes you could only get a Pokemon through an exclusive giveaway at a certain time. It has been like 14 years, and they are still making new Pokemon games. The Pokemon seem to lack more and more creativity with each new game. There’s like 50,000 Pokemon or something now, and I find myself playing the remake of the first game more than any other. Looking back it’ll always be my favorite, because it was so much less complicated then.

Sometimes you realize that the cartoons/games/stories you enjoyed as a kid are just business like anything else, meant first and foremost to sell toys and t-shirts and movie tickets. Maybe I was never going to be a Pokemon Master (because let’s face it, that shit is tough), but neither is Ash, because then they would have no more games to sell and make money off of. Seriously, he’s been the same age for like 14 years now.

I still haven’t caught all of the original 150. My Mewtwo is pretty sweet though.