In hind sight, Jonatron reeeally could have handled that better. Especially given the evidence of BroWolf’s inclination to sudden violent acts. I guess he doesn’t do well when being pressured (by a significantly larger, half-naked guy who vaguely resembles what might be a wolf or a cat and spends his free time punching things).

In any case, he seems to have made a dangerous enemy. Is he a villain? All he wanted to do was finally create a robot. Can he be blamed for the fact that this robot was kind of a murderous jerk? Well, a lady and an evil platypus man died. And a robot, if we’re counting Reggie. That is still kind of his responsibility. How will he own up to it? And what made him think he could “fix” someone’s death?

I guess we won’t know until after the holidays. Hope you have a good one, Internet.