Here’s an awesome color comic strip that I did for The Daily Texan’s color page, so you guys get it in all its CMYK glory.

I’ve never been one to care much whether people acknowledge my comic strip. In fact, up until a few weeks ago I lived fairly comfortably under the impression that very few people probably read it. I never got all bent out of shape when no one seemed to know it was me that created tWC, or when those who did comment on it thought it was bad. That’s just how these things go. Over the past few weeks though, I seem to be having more and more people recognizing me as “That guy who draws that comic.” It’s something I never expected to happen, and it surprises me every time. So I humbly manage an “Oh yeah that’s me.” and maybe a  “Thanks.” if they inform me that they like it, before getting sort of awkwardly quiet and not knowing whether I should walk away or say more or wait for them to say more or wait for them to walk away. Most of the time I just choose to smile, nod, and depart. But inside it warms me just a little to know that hey, that’s one more person who thinks I should keep doing what I do.

So I do it for you, readers. Thanks for caring.

Also, thank you Jorge JBV for this sweet bit of fan art that everyone should totally check out because it’s awesome:

Really, I am flattered.

As for the comic itself, it’s an idea that came from two things: First, I was considering how leveling up would work in real life. For most people, who really don’t have monsters or villains to defeat, the greatest battles come from personal issues. To the outsider it may not seem like much of a struggle, but a first date or passing a test  or something is a pretty big deal for some people (at the time), so I imagined a world where people strike a cheesy pose and have some sort of terrible background music play after seemingly trivial milestones.

Also, there was this ad the DT Comics page ran during tryouts about how if you were on the staff you would get ladies. SO MANY LADIES. And while I have never seen any evidence of this, I thought “What if…?” So I made it happen to this cartoon Emery, who you now know does a comic strip of his own. No, his is not the Weirdest City though. Because he is not me. His comic strip is probably about dicks or whatever else it is that DT staffers like to draw. Or maybe it’s about the little milestones in our lives that we just talked about. Who knows?

Maybe we’ll get a glimpse at a strip or two of Mundane College “Adventures” some time.