I’m sure that guy is okay. Looks like Jonatron is a little sensitive about his work, or lack thereof.

I originally thought this one up a while back because people would often ask me “Dude, what’s with the robot eye?” And the answer is that I originally planned for Jonathan to be a sort of crazy inventor before I joined the DT page. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell a coherent story in a newspaper because it’s such an episodic medium, so it didn’t really work out that way. As a result, the character ended up with this mechanical eye that was canon, and not much else.

Of late, I have found a way to get back to the earlier idea of what Jonatron was going to be, and will be deepening his character a little. For example, now you know he has a more sinister side, and he’s willing to blow a guy away for saying the wrong thing.

I’m sure he has a spare eye somewhere.