In case you’re wondering “much imagination” were the next two words that were going to come out of Solomon’s mouth. Is it true? You be the judge.

Katamari Damacy. I feel like I was inevitably going to do this joke sooner or later. It was almost an obligation. If you’ve played the game, you know that it’s addictive fun once it lures you in. For everything else involved that isn’t the player though, it is a tale of terror, theft, and immense property damage. Imagine you are a cow or something minding your own business one day when who should roll through but the prince up there, and then you never see your cow-friend again.Tragic.

And if you haven’t heard the theme, go look it up. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Now that it’s rolling around in your head, feel free to tell me how much you despise me for putting it there in the comments. =)