Hey! Because of the shooting at UT (in case you haven’t heard), the schedule has been pretty weird of late. As a result, a comic I finished last week ran Monday, meaning I didn’t have to do a Monday comic. So you guys only get one update this week, but hey look at that! It’s twice as long and in color! And hand drawn (not necessarily a plus) because I felt like doing one by hand for a change.

I really debated whether or not to do this strip. I actually had a different joke planned altogether, in which Emery goes on a date. Then I realized that I never actually explained that the character was single. Not that I don’t trust to figure that out on your own, Internet, but I figured I might as well do a strip about it.

Besides, it adds a little character depth. Up until this, I had been sort of portraying Emery as if he had everything in the world. Now you can see that he has actually lost something very important to him. In fact, it’s exactly what money can’t buy. I think most of his solo adventures from here on out might be set in the heart department. I guess we’ll see.

This comic sort of hinges on the idea that most of you know this dream, and have had it at some point. If you haven’t, you’re dismissed. This one isn’t for you.